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      • Woorst Futuregas
        A futureistic New York Taxi featuring the Woorst™ Concept fuels up on a Gas station. - Done together with blutsbrueder-design (photography and composing)


        High Res:
        Futuregas Final Image
        Futuregas GI and Wire

      • Flat Earth Project
        Idea that i had, as i checked out google (AFTER) finished the project - i saw, i havent been the first one ^_^ - anyways, have been much fun, maybe some time in far future i'll write a making of :)

        Ground is done with displacement, scatter and some particle systems - top is 3 layer (

      • Some Tests
        I've been just testing some settings to archieve the results you can see in the images - no big deal

        3ds max scatter gras (no textures used, everything ist dynamic and adjustable like bending, subdivs, length, width...)

        displacement desert test

      • Audi Quattro Project
        this Work in progress project started with a job (modeling of an civil audi quattro) and came to creating a rally scene - can take long time till it's finished :/

        Anyways, here are some images of the project

        Street Version


        Close up - of t

      • Racing Corvette (c5r) Project
        wip wip wip - and will be for minimum 2 more years ^_^ - but i love this car so much


        < click here for high res >

      • Heart Final
        took me long time to finish this portfolio project, still not 100% lucky with some details, but anyways, DONE!

        < Click for High Res Version >

      • Hello Kitty Fun
        No Comment - Sanrio pleease don't sue me


        High res:
        Lonley on Bed

      • Toilet Paper Fun
        just for fun - obi pleeease don't sue me ^_^


        high res:

      • Glas with ice Wip
        Just some test images of a project i work on whenever i have enough time.


      • Tunnel Test
        This ist a test of a futuristic tunnel i was playing with, some time ago - not finished yet.

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